Infinity Badge — What, why, and when?

  • Mint price: $300/350/400, depending on tier (whitelist tier system explained below)
  • Chain: Ethereum (get some ETH ready in advance for the gas fees)
  • ONLY 200 Infinity Badges will ever be minted.
  • Access to at least 6 free mints (2 from Oadun, 1 from each upcoming collection)
  • Holders receive continuous added value, meaning extra utility in the future, like financial benefits and free exclusive merchandise

Why should I mint Infinity Badge?

You need more convincing on top of 6 free NFT mints? Well, considering we are new to the market and you probably have some bad experiences of rug projects, that seems reasonable. So here we go.

Whitelist tier instructions

Due to a high demand for Infinity Badges, we have changed our original plans a bit. Instead of whitelisting only 200 investors, we wanted to make sure everyone who’s willing, has a chance for mint. But not by forgetting those who have grinded hard to receive the original whitelist spot.



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